Golden DRAGON –Luxury Penthouse Interior Design in Dubai || ☎ 00971508561198

Golden DRAGON –Luxury Penthouse Interior Design in Dubai || ☎ 00971508561198

Usually penthouse apartments are known as luxury place, choosing the finest materials, latest technology systems and many others. In response to the desire of one of our special customers, we have designed the place in a way that reflects his wishes by adding special design touch in the form of elegance to look like a Palace from the inside. the interior space of the place is  6,409 square feet distributed over the reception hall, the master bedroom and the big lobby, in addition to the kitchen and terrace, which contained an indoor swimming pool, our team added to the design the Romanian Corinthian pillars decorated just as it was used in ancient times and the perfect finishing showed its beauty and looked really old, but in a modern style, the lighting added to it a charming blend that suits with the whole Penthouse interior design of the place, and from which completed the beauty of the whole place the pieces that have been designed to connect between stone pillars, some was in the form of ancient stone balconies topped with ancient looking engraves, and the glass with the Arabic style added to it a special style, at last showing the nature in a place that carry this style, is considered to be a main job so the stony gypsum the perfect option to carry the green plants with its fascinating flowers, and for technology was its share also in distributing the sounds of falling water into the pool, we are proud that in completing this work, our client was more than satisfied.


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Golden DRAGON –Luxury Decor Company in Dubai || ☎ 00971508561198

Golden Dragon Interior Design Company ☎ 00971508561198