Luxurious Palaces are designed in very high professional manner they have distinctive internal designs and they are famous for the magnificence of art, decorations, statues scattered in the aisles and columns that are inspired by ancient civilizations.
No matter how many new palace designs emerge they all are similar in the distinctive art of decoration, luxury and royal colors in fabrics and furnishings, each suite in the palace has its own design and privacy, So Golden DRAGON offers the best designs for each suit so it becomes an independent artistic unit
  • Salons and private reception rooms:
They have seats inspired by the Victorian era and the classic era that feature crowns golden embroidered floral prints and they are upholstered in fabrics such as red velvet, indigo blue and white. The room is decorated in marble, gold and bronze statues that are placed in distinctive corners in the hall, the hall is illuminated by crystal chandeliers. curtains play a huge role in highlighting the beauty of the hall they should be made of plush and hand embroidered chiffon, as for the carpet, a wool woven carpet will make the place appear classier.
  • Bedroom suite:
Has extra privacy and a very creative design, mostly a parachute is used in the bedroom and it is always made of chiffon or silk, while the head of the bed has gilded floral engravings the bed cover is embroidered and has gilded floral prints or it can be of velvet and valor with glossy satin, the walls of the room are decorated with artistic global paintings, as for the lighting a large chandelier is a must in this room in addition to side table lamps for a dim lighting at night.
  • The dining hall:
It has a luxurious yet comfortable dining table and chairs preferably made of beech and walnut wood and has Victorian engravings, as for the lighting it consists of chandeliers and silver or bronze candlesticks that are distributed evenly on the table.
  • Family suite:
The seating in this place require comfortable coaches for the family nights, coaches are in the modern aristocratic design with a large flat screen TV and has a glass front overlooking the pool or the garden, and the castle might have old traditional or an Arabic Bedouin seating.


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