Golden DRAGON –Early American Style in Interior Design in Dubai || ☎ 00971508561198

Golden DRAGON –Early American Style in Interior Design in Dubai || ☎ 00971508561198

And so, the hope was high as the tide was bringing our ship ashore, the dream of a brighter better future is in the horizon as we get off board to the new world.
Here we leave the stormy ocean behind and in the early American days of colonial era start a new life.
Those are the early years of the 17th century where the first 13 colonies have been founded, and amusingly we shall enter the center of such beautiful work of art!
We walk around the streets feeling the huge space due to the wide separations between houses, and witness the Symmetrical appearance with front entry centered between even number of windows on the sides, steep roofs on top and the back yards.
Go by the fireplace and delight your eyes with the artistic scenery placed around it on mantel shelves painted the same as the other wood work around.
Portraits, ship pictures, cigarette box, and group of silhouettes add up to the atmosphere and make it richer in view.Early American Style in Interior Design by golden dragon-dubai.
Shades of bright colors are falling against the walls in gail pattern drapes embracing the spirit of the early American era, matching up with the pine wing chair that might be fully upholstered with chintzaccompanied with the common butterfly table centered in the living room area amongst common davenport sofas.


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