Golden DRAGON – Scandinavian spirit in Interior Design in Dubai || ☎ 00971508561198

Golden DRAGON – Scandinavian spirit in Interior Design in Dubai || ☎ 00971508561198

It is Nordic Inherited style and blended from the mix of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, the design provides spaces filled with light, mainly stylized with natural elements, earthy muted tones, and clean lines.
It was due to the environment in the Nordic countries that the design came off all calm and easy to the eye, Winters were long, and so there was little daylight, and people often had very small houses, causing the need for bright and airy, yet cozy, homes.
For that, the Scandinavian style fell into the minimalist category of interior design.

Furniture design in dubai and materials:
Scandinavian interiors feature mostly whitened wood floors or with light colors except the bathroom, If the thought of no carpet puts you on edge, try adding a large rug in a soft texture or natural material.
Mixing textures and materials, such as unfinished wood pieces and soft linens, brings nature into the home, adding that restful vibe that the decor is so famous for with warmth in the atmosphere.


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