Golden DRAGON –Arabian Style in Interior Design in Dubai || ☎ 00971508561198

Golden DRAGON –Arabian Style in Interior Design in Dubai || ☎ 00971508561198

It’s Caravan time! and here we are on a magical adventure to the heart of Arabia’s desert to uncover some of the mysteries and wonders hidden beyond the sands of time.
As we march on avoiding the mirage of presumptions, the atmosphere of ambiguity becomes unfold before us revealing with clarity and the matured Arabic style in a new way that we have never expected.
We gaze upon the luminous luxury Arabian Style in Interior Design in Dubai circling every detail of the landscape through Islamic arcs and geometric patterns well harmonized and dressed in the cloak of palm trees providing one piece of an art!
Walk inside with sighs of amazement as you discover the world of fantasy you never imagined, filling your eyes with “layers and layers” of deep rich colors from plush plum to deep chocolate, or cherry coral associated with glittering gold used on thick embroidered drapes and heavy rugs dancing around the walls spraying glamour of a beautiful dream.


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